Barcelona, Spain.


We flew out of Gatwick airport using Veuling. Keep in mind with the smaller airports you usually have to wait around for them to release gate info which could be on the other side of the airport and they don’t always allow a lot of luggage on the flight. 

 pro tip: we use the app Sky-scanner to track down the cheapest flights available. – $200 on flights for 2 people – a steal! 


We stayed at Roommate Gerard – right in the heart of Barcelona, next to Plaça Catalunya and the city’s historic Gothic quarter. 

The bed and shower were on my top 5 because holllly shit I only got out of the shower because I was turning into a prune. There was also this cute little balcony that reminded me very much of Paris that I couldn’t help but get a cute photo that’s now on my IG feed

DAY 1: 

We arrived in Barcelona, put our bags down at the hotel and hit the ground running considering we had 48 hours and so much to fit into our schedule. We began our day by mapping out the things we wanted to accomplish and the main tourist attractions we wanted to see. After we mapped it out we decided to start light since we were both a bit run down from traveling – eating, drinking and just taking in the city was on our to do list. Honestly, this day was kind of a wash. I wish the moment we dropped off our bags we went to Park Guell and took in the sights but I’m hopeful that the next time I step foot in  Barcelona – preferably in the summer I’ll check off more places that we didn’t have enough time for. And avoid going into Urban Outfitters 3 goddamn times. (i purchased sneakers, tried them on at the hotel and promptly returned them the next day.)

DAY 2:

Day 2 was our most hectic day because we really hit the ground running. We had the day set up as visiting the Gaudi cathedral, walking around, eating churros and of course bar hopping! 

Pro Tip: Book a fast pass ticket to get inside of the Cathedral. Its ALWAYS super packed and no one has time to wait in ridiculous lines for hours. 

I stepped inside of Sagrada Familia de Saudi and couldn’t speak. For the first time in awhile I was awestruck. I literally sat down and prayed for my family and friends that they to could one day experience this. This trip taught me so much about myself and what it truly means to travel and see the world. I refuse to take any of these moments for granted. #thankful 

Let’s eat drink and be merry!

And just a few extras I fell in love with and wanted to share: