Denim mini skirt.

I feel like I was mad late to the party when it came to denim skirts. I use to wear them when I was younger and wanted to be a little hooch – I mean I had an awesome denim skirt from Abercrombie and fitch that damn sure didn’t fit but I was rocking it like my hips and ass weren’t making it go high and higher up my butt. Anyways, I tried on this skirt in the dressing room and immediately fell in absolute love with it. I think its because I felt like it made my legs look so long when paired with OTK boots and my waist look slim when I tucked in my current favorite sweater. I realized as of late I have been wholly embracing my curves and body and just rocking everything I have with zero cares in the world. I have a feeling this outfit will definitely be on repeat this winter but instead of bare legs i’ll have tights under the skirt and most likely a thicker jacket. You’ll definitely be seeing a lot of these boots though because I am very much obsessed with them now that they actually go over my thighs and don’t make them look like an overstuffed sausage in the casing.

I feel like I am really and truly rambling now so I’ll sign off here and next week we’ll start rolling out the outfits and my newest hair color!