Mad for plaid.

I have gone absolutely mad for plaid – especially if it makes my butt look this damn good. I picked these up a few weeks ago and had been just staring at them on my clothing rack because I couldn’t decide how I would even begin to style them and then it hit me – go plain, make the pants the entire focus, I managed to create an outfit that looked good and made me feel really good while wearing it.

I felt like the pants were the star of the show along with my new hair so I wanted everything surrounding it to be understated and simple while also staying true to myself and I feel like that’s exactly what my outfit did. Can you see yourself rocking out to the plaid trend? I’m also beginning to put together holiday party/dinner outfits now that thanksgiving and my 10 year high school reunion is coming up and of course I want to look good and refreshed now that i’m 28 and finally figuring myself out – I mean, I used to wear jeans that were like 3 sizes too small because I refused to believe I wasn’t a size 6 – seriously it was gross. I also used to wear sweatpants over top of a hoochie mama skirt so my mom didn’t know and lets just say those were not my finest moments. But I digress, I plan to do a whole throwback post with then and now as we get closer to my reunion because you won’t believe the glow up if I don’t show proof.

Alright now, I should probably get myself together and get ready for work.