A lesson in sticking to neutrals.

Do you ever have a pair of pants that you are so gung-ho to buy and then the minute you bring them home you can only create one outfit using them. Yup. That scenario is these pants. I fell in love with them on the forever21 website and the minute i tried them on in the store i was IN LOVE but i knew that i would most likely only get one solid outfit out of them before i threw in the towel (yes husbae you were right). While i absolutely love these pants and they hug my curves just right they are also loud as hell. i means seriously, how many times would i be able to get away with wearing them before people took notice?

so while this dilemma is quite the first world problem to have it helped me realize why i focused so much on creating an interchangeable neutral clothing palette with a few statement pieces that add subtle pops to the outfit instead of completely taking it over.

these pants are great and i am sure they will be amazing for the next person who wears them once i donate them however, they were a lesson in sticking to the color palette i am most comfortable with and learning to ignore my brain when it says, “yasssss bitch you need these”. sorry breana, you most definitely do not need these.