NOLA street style.

I am feeling semi human after a whirlwind 4 days in New Orleans and wanted to churn out an outfit post while my creativity was still fresh in my mind while simultaneously working on my travel guide – its coming soon, but can you imagine trying to make a video, edit photos, link addresses and everything else under the sun. Its tiring but also very worthwhile because I love creating affordable guides to cities or countries I’ve visited.

Anyways! Lets focus on this pajama set which I scored from a thrift store in NOLA for 5 whole ass dollars. The pants are extra large so I needed to tie them tight and roll them just to keep it all together but i loved the unkept look with the oversize pajamas and undone doc marten jadon boots. there’s something in the water in New Orleans that feeds your creative soul. i don’t know if its just walkign around and soaking in the unmistakable pride everyone has in the city or people watching and loving the outfits people have managed to put together. all of it had me itching to leave what i packed in my bag and create something new and fresh while using the old Spanish style homes that are showing their wear and tear as the backdrop.

this outfit screams easy and comfortable but there is an air of confidence it gives me – i found myslef feeling more like myself than i have in awhile. i felt at home in the city, amongst people who looked like, dressed like me and let loose like me. i found women with clolorfully dyed hair and tattoos wearing chunky docs and leather jackets, women who gave no shits about people who couldn’t understand their sense of style because they were dressing for themsleves and no one dared question it.

i valued my time in new orleans because it reminded me that style is truly about changing and growing. its not about who has the hottest outfit or paid the most, its about confidence and being self assured enough to know that the moment you leave the house your outfit will speak volumes.

my thrifted pajamas set, 4x too big made me feel fucking invincible. i felt free, free to be who i wanted to be while walking the streets of new orleans. this outfit made me finally feel a sense of home and offer zero cares if anyone looked twice – they did, only to say they loved the look.