A beginners guide to Portland, OR.

Wow, I’m so sad my trip to Portland has come to an end but I will say that it was seriously the most relaxing trip I’ve been on in a long time – even though we stayed up well past my designated bed time every night (2am – dead.) We rented a car from the local enterprise and drove the 4 hours from Seattle to Portland and if we’re being honest, I passed out in the passenger seat because I’m a terrible road trip buddy – seriously, I get super car sick and need to pass out to avoid puking. I DIGRESS. Once we checked into our aibnb, we unloaded all of our shit and literally hit the ground running!

We rented bikes using the Biketown app which you download straight from the App Store and load in payment details – you can load as much or as little as you want but the bikes calculate the miles/time/distance and then charge you accordingly. We also downloaded lime and bird so we could grab scooters on the go if necessary — highly recommend scooters or bikes because of how easy the city is to navigate. We didn’t move the rental car until we drove 45 minutes to the waterfalls.

Below I have attached photos (not many) of what we did, what we ate/drank and everything in between! (links/address included)


1. Tov – [ SE 32nd & Hawthorne] a coffee shop on a bus..need I say more

2. Fried Egg I’m in Love – [3207 SE Hawthroen Blvd.] I had the Yolko Ono sandwich and it was bomb.com

3. Good Coffee – [4747 SE Division St.] tried my first oat milk latte (not a fan) but the location is every minimalist/instagrammers dream with garage doors included – ugh it was magical!

4. Coava Coffee – [1300 SE Grand Ave (A)] so good we went back twice. the vanilla latte is bomb because they use house made vanilla with real vanilla bean

5. Kennedy School – [430 N. Killingsworth St.] kinda creepy but its an old closed down school thats been turned into a movie theater, hotel and 3 old classrooms that are themed bars

6. Fire on the Mountain – [3443 NE 57th Ave] the wings are A1, we biked/scootered over and ate our weight in wings and washed them down with beer.

7. Barrel Brewing – [ 1411 Northwest Flanders St] fried calamari is bomb AF and so are the bar chips (hint of spice) and make sure you get a beer flight that way you can taste test what they have on tap.

8. Blue Star Donuts – [921 NW 23rd Ave.] i may be biased but I found these donuts were SO much better than voodoo donuts – not knocking voodoo I just find that its incredibly over hyped and having to stand in line for almost an hour for a bacon maple donuts just doesn’t sound like a good time for me so I’ll take my horchata donut and small coffee and go.

9. Von Ebert Brewing – [14021 NE Glisan St.] good beer, good vibes, great chicken wings!

10. Luc Lac Viet Kitchen – [835 SW 2nd Ave] we were starved and stumlbed into this place for pho and wow, it did not disapppoint. I have never slurped down pho so fast in my life and I got extra bean sprouts on the side so I was a very happy camper! I will say if you do plan on going – be prepared to wait in line but it goes fast.


1. transportation : skip/bird/lime – download the apps and put some money into your account and while you’re walking around the city hop on or hop off scooters and bikes. we biked the entire time and it was such a workout but an amazing way to see the city.

2. Latourell falls – [Historic Columbia River Highway] omg the easiest hike (2 miles) that offered the most gorgeous views and ended with an amazing waterfall. i have never seen a waterfall up close and i literally died and went to heaven when i saw.

3. Multnomah falls – [50000 E Historic Columbia River Hwy] waterfalls but keep in mind you won’t be able to get too close because of the previous Forrest fires.

4. Pittock mansion – [3299 NW Pittock Dr] supposedly haunted but offers a beautiful view of the city

5. Pips & Bounce – [833 SE Belmont St] ping pong. eating. drinking. do i really have to go into more detail? this was probably the most fun I’ve had at 12am – drinking beers and crushing balls in a neon lit room while laughing our butts off

6. Powell’s City of Books – [1005 W Burnside St.] i am a huge book nerd so it was a no brainer that we had to visit the extra large bookstore. the only downside is i only packed a carry on for this trip so i couldn’t come back with nearly enough books i fell in love with.


1. MadeherePDX – [40 NW 10th Ave] all handmade trinkets sourced from Portland.

2. Hello From Portland – [514 NW Couch St.] best place to grab a couple quick souvenirs to remember your trip

3. Wildfang – [1230 SE Grand Ave] a bar while shopping. great business decision!

4. House of Vintage – [3315 SE Hawthorne Blvd] i have never been vintage shopping but the amount of cool stuff from throwback jerseys to an entire camo section i realized how much i wanted to take ti all home but couldn’t. i did leave with a great pair of camo pants though!