Playing hide and seek with inspiration.

Inspiration is a funny thing. Some days I think I have a hold on it and I’m constantly finding little pieces of inspiration in every crevice of the world and sometimes I cant find it anywhere. Today is one of those days – I am struggling. Well I wouldn’t say struggling but I would say I am having a hard time finding ways to translate what I feel into words or photos. I find myself writing down idea after idea yet struggling with the execution. Maybe I’m not in the right mind space because I haven’t figure out what my purpose is or maybe its because when I want to start fleshing out the ideas I have no one to bounce ideas off of. I could sit here all night typing away at why my inspiration is lacking or why it decides to run off at the worst times but I won’t .

How do you find your inspiration when you lose it?

How do you execute your ideas when you don’t have someone willing to help?

Its Wednesday evening and I am sitting at my kitchen counter with law and order playing in the background and these photos are beautiful and everything I wanted them to be…yet, I can’t seem to find the words to match what I’m feeling. But, i’m embracing this weird feeling and slowly figuring out where i’m heading and what words I want to use to get me there.

Maybe I need to travel somewhere new. Maybe i’m itching for a new adventure to set my soul on fire?