Checks over stripes.

When I typed in the title for this blog post I couldn’t stop playing the Sicko Mode lyrics in my head. Seriously, every time I wear this fuck awesome blazer I am instantly blasting Sicko Mode and screaming ‘checks over stripes’ at the top of my goddamn lungs. Its a character trait that I happily embrace. Anyways, this outfit happens to be one of my favorites and I find that its also the easiest to put together. I embrace an outfit that doesn’t require a lot of work or thought to put together and wear, it makes getting dressed in the morning 10x easier.

I will say that I probably wear these high waist jeans a little too much but when you get them tailored and they fit you perfectly its really hard not to wear them often. I however did promise myself I would branch out a little more and gravitate towards other lighter washed denim – maybe. And finally the highlight of my outfit is a tie between the blazer I convinced myself I needed and the booties that elevate my neutral looks without seeming out of place. How good do these shoes look with this basic ass outfit? Honestly, I surprise myself sometimes.