2019 : a fresh start


Hey, hey, hey! Welcome to the new and slightly improved dearyoufrombre! You’re probably curious and – if you aren’t I’m going to tell you anyway – why I switched blog platforms and completely transformed my blog over the last two weeks and that is because my biggest support system decided to get me an iPad Pro 12.9 for Christmas – and hell yes I was surprised x10 but with the newest piece of tech in our household that meant my old blog platform was no longer compatible. Once my MacBook went to apple heaven i knew i needed to figure out what i was going to do to keep my blog going and husbae thought ahead of the curve and knew the iPad was going to be the gadget of the future so i am slowly adapting to my new learning mechanisms and so far it has been amazing but with that newness came learning a new platform and while wordpress has been a steep learning curve i found that if i devoted a good chunk of my time to it i would learn it in no time!

So, with that very long winded conversation i just had with whoever is reading this lets talk about what you can expect from DYFB in 2019.

1. Better quality photos

2. M,W,F post schedule

3. Introducing videos eeekk! (In the travel variety)

4. More consistency (see #2)

5. Me, finding my style one mistake at a time!

I am so excited to begin this journey again and throw myself whole heartedly into this passion project of mine because I’ll be honest, i have never been fully invested in this side hustle.