Instagram made me do it.


Wow. Instagram is a straight up influencer and I’m not even mad about it. Starting in late October I started seeing ads for teddy coats/over sized pimp coats and fell in love but I refused to hop on the trend because too many people were wearing them and I refused to be ‘one of those’. Welp, I am now one of those. I swear, its like my inner FBI agent that resides in my computer knew I wanted it so he kept placing quality ads in front of my face. I found and fell in love with one that was being sold at Gap but sadly it sold out before I could convince myself I truly needed it and after many in store visits an XL popped up out of nowhere and instead of telling myself “its too big” I said fuck it, bought it for $4 (after rewards) and left the store happy as a clam.

Now I am known as the girl in the over sized teddy coat who wears it a little too much but cant seem to get enough. I ain’t even mad because look how bomb this coat is! I have truly gotten all my moneys worth so shout out to my personal FBI agent and Instagram for constantly shoving ads down my throat – you knew me better than I did.

Happy Friday friends – I’m gearing up for a fun, content creating weekend ahead of me. Check back Monday and see what newness will be hitting the site!