I’m in the business of being casual.

I live for casual clothing – so much so, i prefer jeans over slacks and sneakers over flats but when working in an office setting those ripped up jeans and beat up vans don’t quite cut it..especially if you’re hoping to impress your new executive director. While i am definitely the furthest person you would see sitting in a corporate office, occasionally i like to dress up and play pretend.

These curls were giving me L I F E after I took out my Bantu knots and I just knew the ultra curly green/blue hairstyle would work perfectly for the outfit i had in mind. Another piece of this outfit I ended up not being too keen on was my OTK boots. I used to have a taupe pair of Marc Fisher OTK boots that always stayed up no matter what and this pair just wasn’t made as well. I find myself grabbing them less and less because I get annoyed with how often I need to adjust them throughout the day.

Also, while putting this outfit together I wanted to keep it over sized on the top and tight on the bottom so my blazer which I am overly obsessed with (its now missing a button I’ve worn it so much) is roughly 2x too big but it was the only one left and it gives me that perfect oversize boyfriend feel and my courdoury skirt was also on sale and has become such a staple in my wardrobe this fall/winter. And of course I had to top off the outfit with my ultimate XXL pimp coat that I featured in a past blog post. It is literally the coziest jacket I own and its completely unhealthy how much I wear it but oh well, I will wear it until its officially time for it to go into storage!

Happy monday friends!