I hope 2019 is the year of consistency.

We’re two weeks into 2019 and its taken me that same amount of time to decide what my word of the year would be. I want 2019 to be the year of CONSISTENCY. I want to consistently meet my goals and occasionally exceed them. I want to become consistent with my mental health, finances and workout goals. I want to blog on a consistent M,W,F schedule (so far, so good). I realize that in order for me to become a better human and to always meet the goals and expectations I have for myself I have to be consistent in the way I live my life. Now that my word for 2019 is live, I wanted to share the 5 goals I have for myself that aren’t too personal to share.

2019 GOALS:

  • Build my savings account (did you know 40% of Americans cant afford a $500 emergency)
  • Keep the M,W,F blog schedule
  • Learn final cut pro and affinity to bring a fun element to DYFB
  • Cross two places off my bucket list
  • Hit my gym goals – all gains 2019, no loss!

If it isn’t too personal to share, drop a comment below on one goal you have for 2019!