Maybe its time to retire.

Wow, I really and truly love this jacket that I had to get from Gap the moment I saw it hanging on the rack after some crazy woman returned it. It’s roughly 2x too big but I couldn’t even care because I knew the moment I saw it, it was coming home with me whether or not I needed it because this baby set me back FOUR DOLLARS. Four whole dollars and I was not leaving without the coat.

So now we have reached owning this coat for three months and the cost per wear has been amazing but I have to finally admit defeat and surrender to the idea that I am over wearing a coat I love. Its so photogenic that I forget how often I’ve snapped it for the blog until recently when my Instagram feed basically told on me. So now I’m tasked with the idea that it may be time to put my pimp coat back into my closet and call it a rest – at least for photos.

What do you think? Is it time to tame the teddy coat obsession and begin featuring some other awesome coats I have?