Everyone won’t like you, deal with it.

I have lived my life for 28 years thinking I needed everyone to like me. How sway? Seriously, I am annoyed at how much I put my self worth in the hands of other people – for what? It’s taken me a long time to realize how tall I can stand on my own, how much I need to learn how to depend on myself and thrive. Why give someone else the power to harm me? I want to believe my lack of self worth was rooted deep in my depression and my distorted view of who Breana was and going through therapy 1-2x a week really helped me dig deep and realize how bad of a bitch I am when I stand tall and hella proud in the woman i am becoming.

I have found the dealing with it part comes harder. It’s weird realizing that people don’t like you – how do you step outside of yourself and try and understand how someone could dislike you without even knowing you..truly knowing you? That’s where this get over it and deal with it head on comes in.

You can’t please everyone and that’s okay. The only person you should be actively trying to please is yourself. People will always have a different opinion of you than you have of yourself and as long as you continue to stand in your truth fuck them all.

So, to end this very jumbled and not so greatly organized blog post – fuck those who don’t like you. The only person who actually matters is yourself. BOOM.