Learning how to go with the flow.

I am a work in progress but I am truly trying to learn how to go with the flow and keep on trucking when life doesn’t exactly go to plan. This past weekend I should’ve been experiencing a new place in the UK – Edinburgh, Scotland but a few hours before I was supposed to fly out the unimaginable happened..my flight was cancelled! I am all fine and dandy if there is a delay, I find it gives me time to finish my drink at the bar and get into the right head space I need to be flying in but this trip was a hard one for me. I hadn’t seen my partner in almost 2.5 months and just needed to be in the same space and feel loved and after a month of literally counting down the days to watch that plan go up in smoke was a very, very bitter pill to swallow and ADD on the fact that my airbnb would not refund me and I lost roughly $400 was a crushing blow to my wallet and mental health but it made me realize that plans change, things get thrown off course and you have to bounce back and try again.

With that being said, I will be trying again this weekend and while I am super hesitant to get excited I feel like I have to just let go and let God at this point and hope all of the cute outfits I have put together and content ideas I have get to come to life.

I’ll check in on Friday =]