European state of mind.

Every time I visit another country I start googling the street style and then start piecing together things I already have and make outfits in my head. This trip was easy, I’ve visited London a handful of times and have always been in love with the carefree way men and women dress. The wide leg pants, cuffed denim, socks on display, dirty sneaks or beat up boots. I found that the aesthetic was pretty much what I already wore daily, I just needed to piece a few more things together to complete the outfit.

These pants were an impulse buy from ASOS but I do not regret them one bit because the color scheme is right on point and fits with everything else that is already in my closet. The absolute best part of these pants is, I can pair them with a tank as we get into warmer months with a cute pair of sandals since they’re made of a lighter material, I can tuck sweaters into them and belt them so that it cinches my waist and creates a bit of a shape while adding a chunkier boot to finish it off. I feel like pants like these the possibilities of outfits are endless and as I get older and realize I’m tired of throwing out money for fast fashion I gravitate towards pieces that are interchangeable and less noticeable. Its hard to re-wear certain pieces in my closet more than once because of how loud and in your face they are – these pants are the exact opposite and I appreciate that immensely.

Before I sign off on this blog post I thought I’d tell you what I’m working on. I am compiling a “tidy up this closet” blog post about the massive overhaul my wardrobe has gone through after watching Marie Condo do her thing – have y’all watched it? I mean, that literally got my ass together real quick. I find myself asking, “does this spark joy?”. My Edinburgh travel guide is a very slow work in progress (i just got home last night..that’s a story in itself) but it will be up at some point next week and then I am going to start exploring my new minimalist mindset and what that means to my style. As always, if there’s something you want me to write about please shoot me an email [ dearyoufrombre (at) gmail (dot) com ] or drop a comment below.

Outfit Details:

Boots – Doc Marten 1460

Pants – ASOS

Sweater – H&M

Jacket – All Saints