I Marie Kondo’d my life and here’s what I learned.

Happy Monday friends! Today’s blog post is a mash up of a Marie Kondo, pants that make my butt look small and finding joy and love within my wardrobe.

I have always had a weird relationship to clothing – I had this weird belief that my value as a person was directly linked to the clothing I was wearing and would treat shopping as such. While I am in a much better place now with my shopping habit and my self confidence I am still wading through the negative side effects i.e ill fitting clothing, excess of clothing of I don’t wear and the list goes on which brings me to Marie Kondo on Netflix. While watching the Netflix show I realized that a lot of items in my closet no longer spark joy and they were taking up space for no reason. Over the weekend I decided to do a massive clean out and try on to just figure out what my true color palette was and what items I valued. Its safe to say that I am now left with blacks, grays, whites and basically all neutrals and that’s not surprising. Neutral is my go to and it makes me feel my best so it made sense that it was the clothing palette I was left with after clearing out the items that didn’t work.

This outfit embodies everything I have kept in my closet – stripes are my staple for a majority of my outfits, green is my favorite color and black/camel will always be undefeated in my opinion. While these pants did not survive my purge I did manage to find a pair that fits my body better.

What are some of your closet staples?