Travel Diary: Edinburgh, Scotland.

Take a look at my photo diary of my recent trip to Edinburgh!

I feel like I can’t properly talk about this trip to Edinburgh without talking about the very beginning. I was originally scheduled to leave on this trip the second weekend of February. I was packed and ready inside an Uber that Thursday on route to my destination – Newark International Airport. I was early, which isn’t shocking considering I am weird about travel and get anxious when I’m not on time. Once I made it through security and all that jazz I got myself a beer and some plane snacks and then sat myself down and waited for boarding to start.

30 minutes delayed. 90 minutes delayed. 2 hours later the pilot comes out and let us know that we were not going to be moving tonight or the next night due to a mechanical error they were not able to fix. YALL. When I say I was beside myself and burst into tears its the goddamn truth. After I left the airport I was able to re-book with British airlines for the following weekend and just chalked it up as a failed mission and better luck next me.

If I’m being honest I think going the following weekend (Valentine’s Day) was the best course of action for me. While I wasn’t able to get any of my money back from the experiences or airbnb (I lost almost $500 in total) that I booked we still had a ton of fun and enjoyed being in each other’s company which was the whole point to the trip – a chance to refresh and spend quality time without the interruption of real life.

Here’s a photo recap of everything we did while in Edinburgh, Scotland!


Arthur’s seat was located in the backyard of our airbnb and my god it was beautiful. I feel like photos can’t truly do the view justice because you would need to experience the fresh air blowing in your face while the sun is just beginning to set. We decided to forgo walking city centre and hike up to the top to see the sun set and I am so glad we decided to do that. It was roughly a 20 minute up hill walk that I’m pretty sure I sounded like a girl on her deathbed with the heavy breathing I was doing but the views were 100% worth it!


Video -> wanted to show you what it felt like to be there. Nothing short of magnificent.

We needed a quick refuel so we grabbed a couple of coffees and then headed to grab food and a few beers at a bar and restaurant in town.

The restaurant we ended up was called Meze Meze and there is no photographic proof because i demolished my meal faster than you could imagine.


Day two consisted of really exploring the city of Edinburgh. We started our day off by grabbing coffee and quick snacks and then headed towards the castle which was fully booked up so we decided to just walk around a get lost a bit after we purchased tickets for the next day.

We ended up hiking up Calton Hill which was BEAUTIFUL. I’ll be honest I was a little out of breath once we reached the top but wow, getting to the top was worth all of the trouble breathing moments. Just being able to take sights like that in with my best friend by my side was something else and made me thoroughly appreciate where we were in that moment.

day three

Day three was our busiest day yet and it was definitely because it was also our last day before I headed home. Our first stop was Circus Lane after seeing it topped every travel bloggers top places to instagram. I know I’m not the only one who loves to find fun places to snag an instagram photo. After Circus Lane we headed to our scheduled time slot to see the castle and I could get my nerd on.

Highlight of the trip: Camera Obscura

*some of my videos aren’t showing up so if you want to see tidbits from Camera Obscura go to my instagram (here) and there’s a highlight dedicated to all things Edinburgh.


This trip was amazing and I don’t have enough words to describe how I felt experiencing a new country and place with my best friend. I won’t clog this post with anymore words other than to say – be on the lookout for Edinburgh on film!

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