Athleisure is still a thing, right?

I truly believe that comfort is key and the key to that comfort is ATHLEISURE. I have been slowly working my way through my wardrobe and figuring out what still works and what doesn’t so I can decide what I’m adding or what I’m taking away per my recent post all about the Marie Kondo method. These black pants were a recent addition and I am so glad I ended up buying them. They work perfectly for my full time job, traveling since they have a tie waist, and finally date night and comfortable enough I can wear them like sweatpants if I feel the need to do so.

These pants add such a casual, laid back element to my outfit that it made perfect sense to add my distressed and almost falling apart band T-shirt that I picked up from a vintage shop almost 5 years ago and my go-to sneakers that are comfortable and sleek enough that you don’t feel like you’re one step away from leaving the gym.

Don’t let the midriff fool you – it was cold as all hell when we took these photos but I am too damn excited about the idea of spring being just around the corner and I cannot wait until I’m rocking the crop tops for real and complaining about the damn heat.

How do you feel about the athleisure trend? Love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments below (ahaha that rhymed)