My first designer bag purchase.

Just a little backstory on this purchase. I have been obsessed with Proenza Schouler ever since I stumbled across the brand almost 5 years ago on Pinterest when Chiara Ferragni was rocking a neon yellow one. But, I was newly married, finishing my last year of undergrad and definitely not willing to part with $1750 of my hard earned dollars (I was working part time at a clothing store barely making ends meet) so I put the idea of owning this bag on the back burner and just focused on finding a full time job and keeping my marriage in tact. Fast forward almost 6 years later and I have stumbled across the online consignment shop that made the most sense for someone who is trying to be financially smart – FASHIONPHILE! While I was on the website I typed in the bag I wanted and looked over the choices while I figured out what color I wanted to go with. I knew I didn’t want something basic or neutral. I wanted an in your face color that totally screamed Breana. Once I saw this purple color I knew deep in my bones this was the bag I was walking away from. I immediately put it into my cart and pressed “layaway” and paid the beginning installment of $88. I paid on the bag for three months in between all of my other bills and finally made the last payment last week and had the bag shipped out to me.

How do you like it? Isn’t she a beaut!

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