Survival of the basics.

I am the queen of all things basic. I prefer the most basic of outfits, the outfits that require little to no effort and can be spruced up with a few well placed accessories – leather jackets, bright colored purse or even an over-sized pair of sunglasses. I have finally started to narrow in on what my personal style is and the self awareness that brings is glorious!

Lets begin by building an outfit full of staples. I buy multiple white shirts from Gap during their 40-50% off sales so that the moment one begins to look somewhat dingy I can toss it to the side and pick up a new one. As for denim I usually stick to straight leg jeans but decided to step outside my comfort zone and try the wide leg trend that I cut the bottom off of to go for a more raw edge hem. I then figured that the best way to top the outfit off would be to wear my trusty leather jacket that has definitely seen better days and for sure needs to be donated after I track down a new one to replace it with. And finally, finalllly the piece that bring my whole look together – snake print booties!

I have found that even the most basic outfits can be elevated with the help of a statement piece. How do you elevate your basics? What is your #1 mus have basic in your closet?