Neon mood, again.


Spring is slowly, but surely coming and now I am on board for dressing springy as a way to coax her out of her shell so she can shine in all of her magnificent glory. I’ll keep it 100% with you and say I am usually not a spring fan – I prefer fall. But after the weirdo winter we’ve had I am over it and I am ready to kick it to the curb.

I usually can’t wait to start wearing layers and draping myself in over sized blanket scarves and bringing out the booties but this go around I am anxiously awaiting packing all of my cold weather stuff away and bringing out the newness. I want to start embracing more color this spring and summer and what better way to start than rocking that neon green sweater tucked into light wash denim finished off with fresh white kicks!

This outfit screams spring and I am pumped to usher her on in. Welcome spring, we’ve missed you.