How I went from MacBook Pro to an iPad Pro. [blogging set up]

When I first started messing around and building a blog I started on my Macbook pro that thankfully survived all my undergrad abuse – aka late nights writing my senior thesis while sucking down as much coffee as I could. Once I graduated and didn’t need to write papers anymore, I downloaded adobe suites and final cut pro and pretty much used up ALL of the memory I had. I did however manage to keep that computer living and breathing for roughly 5 years before the hard drive started crapping out and it made this god awful clicking noise that pretty much signaled dark days were definitely on their way. I remember crying to my husband about losing my only method of creating and I hadn’t saved enough to invest in a new computer so imagine my surprise when Christmas rolled around and I opened up my present and nestled in a beautiful holiday bag was a brand new iPad 12′ PRO!

Since this is a safe space I feel comfortable enough to admit that I had originally been thinking about returning it and getting the iMac but the more I spent sorting through the pros and cons and speaking with the pros at Apple I realized we are slowly moving in a very nomad direction and having a desktop at this time is not where I see myself. I especially love knowing I can simply pack up my iPad and other knickknacks and run out the door to catch a flight.

My iPad has joined me in Edinburgh so far and it felt so good carrying around this bad boy and surprisingly easy to get all f the information I needed off of it and onto the ‘new post’ screen.

1. What iPad did you get?

A: I got the iPad Pro 12.9inch with 512gb of space. You can shop it here. I also got the Apple Pencil which I haven’t used just yet but will be using with all of my film photos

I also use this case for traveling because it has a built in keyboard and holder for my pencil.

2. What apps do you use for blogging?

A: I use a lot but here are my faithful few.

– WordPress (my blog platform is hosted on here)

– Lightroom – i edit ALL my photo on here

– unfold – for my stories

– affinity – video editing specifically for an iPad

3. What storage do you have or do you use the cloud system?

A: I have the 538g iPad but I also got a My Passport Wireless Pro as an external hard drive that store all of my photo and video clips I don’t need. And once you connect it to the wireless service you are back in business and ready to upload.

4. Would you recommend this set up to someone else?

A: Yes, if you had asked me a few days after I got it I would’ve said nah but now that I’ve grown confident in my ability to use this iPad I am completely on board with everything it has to offer. It’s a beautiful piece of machinery and gives me the freedom to move and create as I go – the freedom I didn’t feel like i would have had with a MacBook like I had planned on getting.

Could you see yourself switching from a laptop to an iPad?