Long talks with mom.

I spent Easter in a car with both of my moms driving down to my aunts house to eat. But that’s not what this blog post is about, It’s about how on the drive home from a long ass day my mom gave me the type of encouragement I needed to face what I was afraid of and allow myself to feel everything – deeply. 

The last few months have been some of the unhappiest, loneliest and just downright awful months I’ve had in a long time and I just needed my mom to look at me while holding my hand and tell me everything would eventually be okay – it may not be okay right now but it will be and that’s the energy I needed. I have had to dig deep within myself and voice the thoughts that have terrified me :

  • I am not happy
  • How do I allow happiness into my life
  • What is no longer serving me and how do I get rid of it – in a healthy way

I have allowed myself to be beaten down by life and instead of taking it by the horns and figuring out what to do next I have allowed myself to wallow in it. Life is changing, things are looking up. I am walking away from all things that don’t bring me joy and happiness because I deserve so much more than I’ve been allowing myself.

So, here’s a toast to happiness and fulfillment. We all deserve it.