Nothing haunts us like the item we didnt buy.

Do you ever walk into a store and immediately fall in love with an article of clothing but you convince yourself you don’t need it? These pants were my, ‘ugh I want them but do I need them’. So I put them back on the hanger and left them behind in the store. Welp, I couldn’t stop thinking about them the entire weekend so I knew they were the real deal. I mean, nothing haunts us like the clothing item we didnt buy – am I right or am I right! I waited until I was off from work and drove to the mall and hoped the size 10 would still be there and I could leave with them. Wooohooo they were right in the same place I had left them hanging and I snatched them up and immediately went to the register to pay.

They are a high waist, brownish floral print and stretchy around my waist while also loose around the thighs and basically they are the spring/summer pants of my dreams – I mean, how cute are they?! I wanted the pants to be the focal point of my outfit so I tied up my white shirt (to show off my waist LOL) and paired them with my wedges from Seychelles shoes via South Moon Under and clomped around outside while my SIL took my photos.

What are you thoughts? Love them or leave them?