Find your passion and run with it.

This past weekend I was reminded of a piece of myself I thought I lost. I feel like we all have those moments where your passion project has fallen by the wayside and everyday life has taken its place. I mean, I work two jobs, well three if you count this here blog. I have a 9-5, 5-9 and 9-12 – I’m burnt out and coffee is my best friend (my teeth can tell) but all it took was a random man who I met years ago struggling in my retail position to remind me that I hadn’t posted something of quality lately. A man who I was surprised stayed up to date with what I was doing noticed that I had abandoned my passion project and chose at that moment to remind me to keep going, keep pushing and to stop giving up when the moment go tough.



So, here we are. I’m back and focusing on what makes me feel good, what makes my creativity spark and what brings passion to my occasionally mundane existence. I even picked up the book I started writing a few years ago and man, I’ve written more words than I know what to do with. It’s a story that doesn’t make a ton of sense yet but it will – its my story, of love, loss and the stinging feel of regret. Its beautiful and muddy but its mine and wow, it feels good to get back to it.

There’s something beautiful in being 28 and confused as fuck about where my life is going to take me. I am just going to keep on blowing through life and soaking in any and every lesson I can along the way.








One thought on “Find your passion and run with it.

  1. I struggle with all my creative juices being trapped and not having the time nor mental ability to express it. It’s so frustrating!

    I love your blog, so I’m glad this is your outlet. You’re actually awesome at what you do, and I look forward to catching up on your posts! I’ve officially deemed you my “best friend in my head”! lol. Your posts are sooo relatable and real!

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