I am mine. Before I am ever anyone else’s.

I stumbled across a quote recently that had me in my feelings. I could blame the current hot conversation surrounding Ayesha Curry who spoke out on her insecurities about having a superstar as a husband and not feeling like she “still has it”. I mean, married by 21 and 3 kids back to back I wasn’t surprised in the least that she was questioning whether or not she was still “attractive”. Your spouse coule swear up and down the road how beautiful/hot/sexy you look and yet, you want someone who isn’t supposed to love you to appreciate the person you are. I identified with her – I don’t have her money (sadly) but I understand that being married young and becoming someone’s something rather than realizing and understanding that I am my own before I am anyone else’s can make you question your self worth and where your place really is. Are you just someones wife? Are you just someones mother? When can you just be YOU.

I’ve always spoken very candidly about the topic of losing myself because for awhile I did and some days I’m not quite sure I’ve found her but most days I see little glimmers of the Breana I forgot about, the Breana I traded in when I became part of a duo. I see her in little spurts here and there and I have never been happier. She’s making her way back and she’s realizing she is hers, before she can ever be anyone else’s. 

Outfit Details:

Skirt - Gap (old)
Sweatshirt - Walmart 
Sneakers - Nike via Lord and Taylor 
Sunglasses - Ray Ban (size large wayfarer)
Purse - Proenza Schouler