The Basic Black Jumpsuit.

Last weekend I attended a fundraiser for my job and did that terrible thing you shouldn’t do when trying to save money…looking into my closet and yelling, “I have absolutely nothing to wear! Guess I’ll have to buy something”. Honestly, I have too much stuff to wear and I am still in the process of fine-tuning “my personal style” and figuring out what direction I want to go in. Obviously I stick to a semi neutral color palette and I knew when picking up a jumpsuit for the event I needed to stick to an item I would get more than a 1x wear out of so insert standard black jumpsuit here.

When I first tried this jumpsuit on in the dressing room I felt very “meh” about it and then when I styled my hair appropriately, put on some wedges I realized I really loved the  jumpsuit and I have a feeling I’ll love it even more when I style it with a cute sandal and bucket bag or dress it up again for date night. I find that the black jumpsuit is a nice staple item to keep in my closet for a formal or non formal event.

How do you feel about adding a black jumpsuit to your wardrobe?


Hair clip - Amazon

Jumpsuit - Gap

Shoes - Seychelles via South Moon Under 

Sunnies - Size LARGE Ray Ban Wayfarer