Change is scary, but good.

Recently I sat down in my stylists chair and got my hair dyed a new color – i was itching to change up my style and do something a little more subtle yet still fun and I had been obsessively logging into Pinterest to figure out what hairstyles I should try out next, I even created polls on IG and twitter to have other people make up their mind for me. The final two cuts were a super short pixie and shaving the side and undercut..I went with just cutting it into a short bob (I didn’t even have a ponytail) and I loved it, we styled it, took photos and posted them and for about a week I was obsessed but of course, I started going on pinterest again and kept coming back to those two photos – the pixie and the shaved side. I knew without a doubt the next time I sat in Ashley’s chair I would be getting a new cut as long as I didn’t wuss out.

Fast forward to yesterday. I was having a weird day where I was caught between a decision about which direction to take my life and honestly cutting my hair seemed like the best idea for me so I sat in Ashley’s chair, explained where my head was at, annoyed her a bit and she just cut my hair off and said, “well, no turning back now. its gone” and here we are. I have an undercut and a shaved side and I am living my best life.

Here’s to hoping I can stop cutting my hair off before I end up bald!