Lady in a Green Dress.

Hi. My name is Breana and my love language is someone telling me my ass is fat. I’m low key kidding but I saw that on someone’s instagram story and immediately identified with it. I’ve been WERKIN hard on gaining a couple pounds back and building the booty I started losing when I lost weight last year and y’all think she’s back and getting slim thick!

I have a tiny pudge around my stomach that doesn’t seem to let me live but I don’t really care because I am happy, healthy and loving the body I am currently in so you will definitely be seeing me rocking the crop tops soon come.

Aright lets discuss this dress from ASOS that is under $50 and made of the most breathable cotton and I am in love. It comes with a belt that I can show off my tiny waist and conveniently hides the pudge I can get a tad insecure about and of course I’m on my second week out of my pedicure and my toes looked rough (i have to stop wearing vans without socks) so it made sense to throw on ankle sock and my sk8 hi vans i got for a steal.

Alrighty, I’m signing off – all links are below.


Sneakers – Vans

Dress – ASOS

Sunnies – Ray Ban Wayfarer (size large)