Finding gems in my wardrobe.

So I am finally moving at the end of the month after a few weeks of back and forth trying to find a suitable apartment – I need washing/drying, dishwasher and a semi nice closet – seriously, i have a lot of shit to put in that closet. And with every move comes moments where you’re cleaning out your closet and you find dresses that you FORGOT YOU HAVE. I am so ashamed of myself that I forgot for a moment I had that this beautiful peach dress and knew the moment I saw it hanging there I had to put it on and take a couple photos in it.

Ugh, isn’t this color damn spectacular? I am already dreaming about a summer full of dresses that show off my sleeve and sandals that make me feel hella Grecian goddess all the while I sit back and plot my next trip to someone’s beach or beautiful country because the US and I need to take a break from each other because I am boooooored to tears of my current situation. I have my sights set on Lisbon, Portugal or Marrakech or maybe even Greece if I can find affordable flights but make my words, this gal is vacationing somewhere at the end of August!