Crop Top Bre And The Age of Body Positivity.

Whew, Bre is back with yet another crop top and dang girlies I am feeling myself – but while we were taking these photos I was having a very insecure meltdown. I can remember looking at my mom on the verge of tears saying,

“Do I look ok?”

“How do my collarbones looks?”

“Do I look stupid with this crop top on?”

Needless to say this is me, a small pooch, noticeable collarbones and knobby ankles but I am learning how to embrace everything I once disliked about myself even if its so dang hard. I once wrote about body positivity last year after I dropped 25lbs during my clean eating and working out 4x a week and I highlighted how hard it was to feel confident in my skin because I felt like a stranger in my body.

I remember people who commented on how skinny I looked or how much they loved my body and it gave me a little bit of a complex – what do you mean you love my body now? Was it not good enough then? And ugh, cant you tell that the word skinny is triggering AF to me. Ha, the madness that went through my head at all times.

Anyways, I want to end this post on a positive note and say I am so damn tired of feeling insecure and uncomfortable in my own body – i am here, i look good, I’m healthy and the number on the scale does not define who i am. So, y’all about to get this little pooch and clavicle ALL SUMMER 2019!