Thick Thighs Save Lives.

My thighs and I have been through some shit – from running down a field at full speed chasing a ball to rounding the bases after hitting the softball and now, strutting my stuff in front of the camera hoping my thighs don’t look ashy. My thighs and I have also been through a shitty relationship where self loathing took over and I spent way too much time in the mirror turning side to side and nitpicking over everything that wasn’t what I deemed beautiful but here we are – thick ass thighs and cellulite all on display and rocking it.

The closer I get to 30 I realize I need to step into my body and love it for what it is. I could spend HOURS obsessing over what is working and what isn’t but instead I’d rather look at the positives and accept my body. Its a learning process and some days the self hate is real but today, today we’re embracing these babies. Thighs with dimples and cellulite but thankful they’re mine and they fully match the booty in the back.