Retrograde and radio silence.

Let me just say – HELLO. Whew, I have been itching to churn out a blog post since last week but moving, no internet and very limited communication with the outside world threw a wicked wrench into those plans. I mean, mercury retrograde is a bitch *yells at the sky*. Seriously, I used to be the person who did not think astrology or anything to do with planets was real and all of a sudden I start reading into my birth chart and now EVERYTHING holds weight.

Mercury retrograde has been winning in the thing called life and moving into a new space during said retrograde is TERRIBLE. Absolutely bonkers and yet, here we are. The only upside is my WiFi gets set up on Wednesday morning and I’ll be able to get back to my regularly scheduled program of putting out content and throwing in some home stuff because my space finally feels like home in every minimalists dream world.

Chat soon!

Outfit Details: 

Skirt & Top – ASOS 

Shoes – Mango (old) 

Sunglasses – street market 

Purse – Rebecca Minkoff