Bathing Suit But Make It Fashion.

When you cant find your black bodysuit but the low back bathing suit is just hanging there minding its business – what’s a gal to do? Well, she takes it off the hanger and put it on and pretends its the black bodysuit she had been searching for all along. I never realized how versatile a basic black bathing suit could be in the event your trust black body suit goes missing. Thank goodness I purchased this bad boy last summer for a whopping TEN DOLLARS from asos. Now, the highlight of this blogpost were these pants – they are from Urban Outfitters and I snagged them on deeeeep discount and I couldn’t be more proud of my shopping habits. Quite frankly its entirely too hot to be wearing them right now since the humidity is thicker than my damn thighs and that makes me sad but I’ll definitely wear them in the fall and pair them with a cute mule or doc martens as the seasons begin to change.

Thoughts on turning an old swim suit into a bodysuit? Leave it or love it?!