Dressing For A Heatwave.

I am back with this beauty of a shirt that’s ridiculously affordable — HELLO FOREVER21 and considering it was during the heatwave I knew I needed to be in some sort of booty short so that I was showing as much skin as possible while still being covered and B O O M this outfit was born. This year has been a year of self realization or in the words of Kylie Jenner, like realizing things. I wasn’t always the most confident person in terms of my body and weight and as you’ve read before when I lost weight I felt even more out of body/out of control than before and I’m finally coming to a really solid place where I am embracing the shape I am and truly love the body I am in with that being said, I do sometimes receive odd looks while walking around town for having myself on display or maybe its my haircut and people are trying to figure out how they can get their hair to look this good! I’ll never know but I am officially done caring.

This outfit was born out of a need to remain cool during the heatwave and its turned into one of my favorite outfits and I will definitely pack it with me on vacation which is 3 weeks away – I’m so freaking excited I cannot contain my excitement! Anyways, I have a wedding this weekend in Canada so expect a post about that next week detailing the dress I picked because its absolutely divine and a complete 180 in terms of clothing I willingly buy myself and if time permits you may catch some Instagram content from Niagara Falls! (keep up to date here)

Chat soon!

Outfit Details:

Shirt – Forever21

Shorts – Gap

Espadrilles – Superga via Urban Outfitters

Sunglasses – Ray Ban