Anxiety, A Journey.

This post was supposed to go live while I was on a road trip to canada for a wedding but life got in the way which is the usual culprit. Between planning an actual vacation that’s longer than 3 days, working two jobs, getting dental work done (kill me!) writing this post adding to my anxiety instead of soothing it. So here we are standing at my kitchen table trying to work through the words in my head and type them on this blank document but ugh, its not working. 

Anxiety is weird. It’s like having a panic attack about a situation that hasn’t happened yet or better yet – its thinking of every worst case scenario as if its already happened. It’s obsessing over the negatives before you can even find a positive in a situation. It was me, driving down a long stretch of farmland in the heart of backwoods New York filled with anxiety and dread about a flat tire, being killed and then buried on someone’s farm land and yet, we ended up at mcdonalds eating a cheeseburger laughing at my weird anxiety/panic attack.

Anxiety is manageable but my god is it exhausting. While the trip was a total of 72 hours excluding the drive it felt like 2 weeks because of the amount of stress I put myself under over something that hasn’t even happened yet. Everyday I fight the good fight and work on not pulling myself under the dreams I have made up in my head. So, meditation and therapy will be on my agenda for the long haul!

What are some ways you fight against your anxiety?


Dress – Target

Shoes – Mango (old)

Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Jacket – Gap (men’s)