3 days in Porto, Portugal.

Welcome to my first of many travel posts centering around my 2 week vacation to MADRID y PORTUGAL! I asked people to vote on my IG (follow here) on what blog post I should upload first and Porto won by a dang landslide – thank you for those who voted and for those who didn’t — follow me and get in on the action next!

Ok, let me stop rambling and begin this long photo heavy blog post centering around Porto, Portugal which happens to be a small, sleepy town right on the water with the freshest fish, prettiest tiles and nicest people! This was the first stop on our #EuroTrip2019 and I’m so glad this is how we kicked it off – although I would’ve spent 2 days here and 3 days in Lagos but that blog post is coming later.

Getting to Porto was relatively easy, we found a cheap flight through Air Portugal for roughly 45 USD each and hightailed it out of Madrid around 9am Tuesday morning and landed in Porto right around lunch which worked well considering Breana + flying = sick. We checked in to our airbnb which was super cute (see photos below) got hugged and kissed by our host and then sent on our way to plop our belongings down and get our day started.

For our first day in Porto we wanted to take it easy and just ease into all of the touristy things so we settled on just taking a walk around the neighborhood, grabbing drinks and food at a wine bar and just soaking in the feeling of finally being in Portugal after many failed attempts previous years.

Day 2 we both knew we were going to wake up semi early and really get everything started because I had a list a mile long and wanted to tackle everything on it (I’m a sorta planner, my partner is a doer.) So while googling and mapping all of the tourist sights we figured out how we were going to conquer the to do list. First things first, hiking. I am in shape but jeeeeeesus the hills in Portugal really and truly gave me a run for my money BUT my legs and booty have never looked so good since I’ve come home. When I say hiked, I mean we really hiked. We tried not to rely too much on Uber and just use our two feet to walk around and soak in all of the energy while also stopping for scooters along the way. Lime and Uber are big in Porto and Lisbon so if you plan on going there for vacation download the app, upload your card information and ride out into the sunset!

The tiling in Portugal is NEXT LEVEL. I want to say this was the highlight of my trip for sure, seeing how vibrant and detailed the tile work was I wish I could’ve taken all of the tiles and brought them home to recreate in my future house.

Fun fact: Porto and Portugal in general have a very heavy church presence. You feel it in the architecture and how there is a church on literally every road you come across. This was one of the many we saw while walking around the city. 

Went to Bud Temple and had watermelon kush lollipops AND weed infused beer. So good! I love going to countries where weed is legal and people aren’t up in arms about the recreational use of it.img_8640

Must do: Walk along the river

If you’re up to it cross the bridge and venture to the other other side and visit/drink up all the port wine you can.

Must Do: Experience Port Wine

I knew when we decided Porto was where we would being our Portugal trip that Port wine was going to be a must to experience and well…it was an experience. I realized too late (after the first sip) how much I do not like port wine, its sweet – very sweet and it was hard to choke down. But, there is a Taylors wine tasting room you should go to and just experience it. Glasses run from 6 euro – 20 euro and you get a cute case to leave with.


Must Do: Livraria Lello Bookstore

This bookstore was high up on my list of things to do because of its connection to Harry Potter and JK Rowling. Be prepared to purchase a ticket beforehand and wait in line. Its a major tourist attraction so the line is LONG but it moves fairly quickly. I will say, we were surprised at how small the bookstore was and how quickly the lines moved but it gets insanely clogged in there and taking pictures is a quirky process.


If you’ve made it to the end – thank you!

All in all, I would recommend Porto to anyone who wants to start their Portugal trip off slow. It’s a town with rich history, fresh fish, port wine and a shit ton of hills but it is also home to great bars, beautiful sunsets on the water and great people. I am so happy Porto was the kickoff for us and would definitely go back for a day or 2 again.

Stay tuned for photo recaps of Lisbon, Lagos and Madrid! 


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