Free People Emptied My Pockets.

Free People is extra expensive so IF I shop there I like to really and truly love the piece before I leave the store with it AKA learning how to ‘shop with intention’. When I saw this oversized, rosy peach colored jumpsuit that was made out of linen I knew deep in my soul I wanted it, it was the perfect oversized piece for summer and early fall and no matter what weight I put on or if I was having a fat day I knew this was the piece I would immediately grab out of my closet. The jumpsuit was $98 dollars and jeeeeesus that is not cheap but the amount of times I’ve thrown it on and worn it whether it was on vacation or just a regular ass work/play day I will say I have already gotten my cost per wear. Thank goodness we still have a few more weeks of hot temperatures so wearing this baby will make sense (i really want to wear it without a shirt and show off my back but it hasn’t been hot enough to justify it).

The upside is, this piece wont just fall into he back of my closet come cooler temps because I have already figured out ways to style it for those fall temps – think, leather, long sleeves, stripes. Ugh, I cant wait!

How would you style this piece for fall? Sound off in the comments below!

PS – Have you checked out the first of many travel posts centered around Porto, Portugal? If not, click here and get your life to those views!

Outfit Deets:

Onesie – Free People [similar]

Shoes – Matisse at Free People

Shirt – Gap

Sunnies – Ray Ban


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