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We Can All be Royals in Sintra, Portugal.

Leaving Lisbon’s western suburbs and climbing into Sintra feels like crossing over into another world. This town is in a green mountainscape of palaces, country estates, parks and a medieval castle. When planning the #EuroTrip and locked in Lisbon I knew Sintra was going to be the one day trip I looked forward to the most. I had fallen in love with the idea of a spiral staircase that led to caves and waterfalls while also singing Lordes Royals song while climbing up hills for a peek at the top and getting lost in the exploding colors and magnificent tiles of the Pena Palace. Ugh, I can still picture the trip in my mind perfectly. The weather was exceptional, the lines were long but my god was the wait worth it. Below are a decent amount of photos (I got a lil too caught up in everything to snap too many).


  1. Pena Palace

2. Quinta da Regaleira

3. Castle of the Moors

Notable Mentions:

  • Sintra Tram

  •  Praia da Adraga

  •  Praia da Ursa

  • Old Centre of Sintra

  • Palácio Nacional e Jardins de Queluz

  • Palace of Sintra


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