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What’s Your Love Language?


What is a love language? Why in the hell are on we on Al Gore’s internet peddling this idea that we all have a very specific language of love and call me cyclical I didn’t always believe in it. I assumed I was a regular degular ass girl who just wanted to be loved – openly and occasionally loudly. But I started reading up on the idea of love language more and well, I am not a firm believer that we ALL have a specific language of love and we need to understand it so that we can teach others how to love us properly. Whats the point of being loved if it isn’t fulfilling you?

So lets begin today’s lesson, there are FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES. FIVE! And I’m going to briefly tell you them before I dive all the way into what my love language is and how that’s changed the way I want to be loved and how I want to give out love.

1. Words of affirmation – I appreciate you

2. Acts of service – I appreciate you so I’m going to take out the trash so you don’t have to do it

3. Receiving gifts – I appreciate you so I bought you a present 

4. Quality time – I appreciate you so we should spent time together

5. Physical touch – I want to offer you a hug out of appreciation 

So like everyone says you should I took a test and while I found out I am 100% that bitch I also realized I am a sucker for words of affirmation.

Learning my love language has been instrumental in the way that I ask my partner to love me. I don’t care about the gifts anymore, I care more about the words – tell me you love me, tell me you appreciate the woman I am in your life. I just want to feel like I matter to someone and be reminded of it. And words of affirmation are not limited to just my romantic relationship I want to practice setting boundaries and explaining to those in my life – family, friends that type of love I like to receive.

Have you taken the test to find your love language? If so, what is your love language?

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