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Daily Dose of Instagram Hatred.

Everyday I realize how much I truly, deeply, madly [insert savage garden song] hate Instagram – the algorithm in particular. I should preface this by saying – I love writing and taking photos and sometimes the quality is meh or the words are just a bunch of jumbled thoughts strung together but their mine and they are the reason why I blog because it gives me a safe space to be myself, put out content I like and find a creative outlet but with that being said it’s incredulity hard for a newer blogger or a blogger with a smaller audience to really grow in the way you could’ve years ago. I realize now that Instagram is a tool – a tool to meet people, build an audience and spread your work so here are the lessons I plan to take into November and see what happens:

  1. make connections – stop being shy on the internet and support the bloggers i like while expecting nothing back.
  2. don’t take it too seriously – for real. its Instagram, let shit go and be myself.
  3. stop obsessing over aesthetics – i mean..i should really stop this.
  4. focus less on likes and more on engagement – see #1
  5. have fun again – for the love of all things holy. HAVE FUN AGAIN Breana, let my personality shine and actually utilize IG stories because people do want to get to know me.


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