Reworking Miami Outfits For Jersey Fall.

I recently returned back from a girls trip to Miami feeling like I could finally breathe because the humidity was back to normal. I gotta tell ya – Florida humidity is DIFFERENT, the minute we landed in Ft. Lauderdale my chest felt like someone was sitting on it the air was that thick so my outfits had to reflect that which meant – little to no clothing while we walked around eating and drinking to our hearts content.

This little $12 dress from Forever21 did me proud. I wore it out on the boat trip at night and it hugged my every curve and made my booty look goodt! I knew without a doubt that when I wanted a pick me up I could wear it during the early months of fall and that is what I did. I threw on a beanie (even though they make me look like a toe now) , a neutral sweater and my trust converse and called it a day.

Some quick tips I’ve applied to “winterizing” my summer wardrobe

1. LAYER, LAYER, LAYER – this dress originally has very thin and sexy spaghetti straps. The temp was at a low 55 so throwing a taupe colored sweater over the dress made it more fall appropriate.

2. Still not warm? Throw on a beanie! I find that beanies take my outfits from drab to fab (name that reference) and makes me feel a little more comfortable since I don’t normally wear tight fitting clothing

3. Trade the sandals in for a comfy neural sneaker that makes the outfit ultra casual while also stylish.

4. Throw on that oversized teddy coat and rock it! I purchased this teddy coat last year after stalking it and originally missing out on it but i knew it was meant to be mine when the hubs and i were perusing Gap and I saw an XL jacket returned and knew no matter what that thang was coming home with me and we were going to make it work!

How do we like the winterized version of a Miami outfit?Would you wear it?

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