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To The Friends We Lose Along the Way.

Some days I find myself getting nostalgic about the good ol days – the days where staying out all night or sleeping at your best friends house and gossiping about boys and the girls who hate you and I miss it, or maybe I just miss my childhood best friend. Sometimes I sit back and think, ‘what if our friendship survived’ where would we be today? Would we have been roommates, would we be in each other’s weddings or still cutting up and acting a fool on those fun night outs?

I recently read something that really resonated with me,

‘some people are only meant to be in our lives for a reason or season. We learn what were supposed to learn from them, from life, from the circumstance, then we move on.’

That passage helped me sleep better at night. I understood that our friendship was perfect for the season we were in, we learned from each other, lifted each other up and occasionally brought each other down but we loved each other like sisters and we simply grew up and grew apart and by the time we noticed it was too far gone to get it back and there is zero fault in that, at some point we all went outside for the final time and didn’t even know it.

I’ll leave this post by saying, to the friends we lose along the way, accidentally and intentionally – thank you. Thank you for the lessons and the memories, thank you for the experience and opportunity to share my childhood and young adult life with you. I don’t know if we’ll somehow meet again and rebuild the friendship but if we do I can’t wait to catch up like old friends and reminisce over the good ol days.

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