In the words of Beyonce, I Ain’t Sorry.

I’m working on this revolutionary idea where I, Breana, stop apologizing to people in my life – obviously if I fuck up or do something wrong I’ll most definitely apologize BUT I am no longer apologizing for simply existing or “taking up space”.

Over the last few months in particular I’ve found myself apologizing for being too much, not enough or simply just being myself and I began to get irritated. Why do we, as women, more specifically black women feel apologetic for being who we are? I get it, we currently live in a society that teaches young girls to be calm, cool and collected at all times and if you’re black silent, don’t speak too loud or your seen as obnoxious, don’t question people or you’re seen as combative.

NO – hellll no. I want to be loud because I can be, I ask questions because I want to learn, I’m allowed to question people who don’t make sense and I’ll be damned if I’m told to shut up, sit back and let another person talk for me.

Its 2019 and we’re knocking on 2020’s door so with that being said – I’ll never stop being too much or too little and I’ll damn sure stop apologizing for simply being me in her entirety. 

See ya soon 2020, Bre is just getting started.

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